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Welcome to GnT Poms site, we appreciate the time you spend to visiting this site, my name is Omar Gonzalez and my wife’s name is Flor J. Torres, the first letter of our last names Gonzalez and Torres gives the name of our Kennel, GnT Poms.

We are located in Morelia, Michoacán Mexico, in a beautiful colonial city in the middle of the country. I have the luck of being in the canine world since I was a child due to my dad and ants who were involved in the médium.

Picture taken at 1986 (my father with our Kerry Blue Terrier, the Multi BIS Jack) the judge, some canin friends and me at 10 years old.

And as an English Bulldog breeder since the year 2000. Breed that I still show active showing and breeding where I have been successful winning BIS and producing competitive champions with only one litter per year as maximum.

Picture taken at 2002 with my first breed who became champion and group winner.

Picture taken at 2004 with my Multi BIS and Multi Ch Jasson.

At the beginning of 2004 comes to our home the first pet Pomeranian, even when he was not a show quality pom, he was able to teach us the beauty and charming in its breed, after a few months we realized that the Pomeranian was a breed which catch you right away for their happiness, stable character, self security, intelligence and incredible beauty, We were determined to learn and try to understand the most we could about the breed, the genetic of the top wining poms around the glove, their good things and their bad too, the most common sickness who affect this breed, how to socialize into the human world and how to do a properly grooming and show training for the dog shows.
In GnT Poms we have very clear the TYPE of the Pomeranian we want to breed, we had seeing ourselves in the necessity of importing and breeding dogs from some of the most outstanding kennels in Canada and USA, Our mane goal is to produce healthy, stable and beautiful Pomeranians for show or pets.

We have the luck to count with the trust of many clients and friends around the world who owns a GnT Pomeranian

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